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Glossary of Terms

13 Aug 2010 - 11:37 | Version 1 |

TermSorted ascending Definition
Attachment Any type of file that is uploaded via browser and attached to a topic, where it can be viewed and downloaded. Details...
Data Form Form at the bottom of a page that can be filled in with additional info and classification for the particular topic Details...
Macro Text strings of the form %MACRO{}% that are expanded into text, images, or any other type of embedded content; there are system macros coded into the core, and more can be defined by Plugins. See Details...
Page A rendered web page. A page is composed of the template/skin decoration and topic content.
Plugin Prepackaged server-side extension that adds all sorts of additional functions. Details...
Preference One of the site-wide, web and single user-level preference settings
Site An end-user installation accessible via the web.
Skin Skins define the header/footer layout of pages; topic text is not affected. Skins are typically enabled site-wide or per web. Details...
Template TemplateTopics set the default content for new topics. SkinTemplates define how pages are rendered
Topic The content of a Wiki page, consisting of text, an optional form and optional attachments. It has a WikiName that's unique within its web. Details...
Web A collection of topics under a common name. Various features, like search, access privileges, Plugin availability, template design, can be controlled on a web-wide basis. Details...

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