Atomikos vs JBoss Transaction Manager (Narayana)
Comparison: Atomikos versus JBoss Transaction Manager (Narayana)

Atomikos and Narayana are similar projects and provide similar solutions. Atomikos provides additional benefits compared to Narayana. See the table below for details as to how Atomikos compares to Narayana.

Why trust us?

We offer free trials to qualified users and we get a lot of feedback from them. Some of these users come from the JBoss platform. We also know and respect Mark Little (he is now the CTO of Red Hat but used to be the lead of Narayana project). He's so passionate about his project that he will correct any mistakes we might put on this page - guaranteed.

Comparison table

Feature Benefit Atomikos JBoss (Narayana)
XA transactions Standards-based reliability
Elastic scaling One shared configuration that can scale up and down
Microservices support Commit/rollback across several microservices
Built-in connection pools No need to integrate with third-party pools
Embeddable in your application Light-weight, easy to deploy, easy to test in IDE, fast turnaround times for development
Spring Boot integration Works in the most popular Java VM
Tomcat integration Works in the most popular web container
Commercial support available Fast solutions for problems
Easy to configure Works standalone out-of-the-box

= included = unclear = not included

What people say

Narayana is technically sound, but its main focus is integration in the JBoss stack. That makes it harder to configure outside, and a less obvious choice if you want to use your own platform like Spring, Tomcat or Spring Boot. Some people we talked to claimed that Narayana's recovery often requires manual interventions so it's not self-healing.

Our take

If you're in the JBoss ecosystem, consider using Narayana. It's not a bad product and integrates well within the JBoss stack. In all other cases, consider Atomikos because our product was designed for independent use - outside of any vendor stack.

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