Atomikos vs Bitronix
Comparison: Atomikos versus Bitronix (BTM)

Atomikos and Bitronix are similar projects and provide similar solutions. Atomikos provides additional benefits compared to Bitronix. See the table below for details as to how Atomikos compares to Bitronix.

Why trust us?

We're lucky to know (and have worked with) the founder of Bitronix and we think it's a very good project. We hope to be able to work together again in the future, and he'll probably read this too - so we have no reason to claim untruthful things in this article.

Comparison table

Feature Benefit Atomikos Bitronix (BTM)
Easy to configure Works out-of-the-box
Built-in connection pools No need to integrate with third-party pools that are not designed for XA
Embeddable in your application Light-weight, easy to deploy, easy to test in IDE, fast turnaround times for development
XA transactions Simple reliability
Spring Boot integration Works in the most popular Java VM
Tomcat integration Works in the most popular web container
Commercial support available Fast solutions for problems
Microservices support Commit/rollback across several microservices
Elastic scaling One simple configuration that can scale up and down

= included = unclear = not included

What people say

Bitronix/BTM is a good project people like, it is generally well-written. Lately, the project seems to be a bit inactive though. Atomikos customers prefer the thought of having commercial support available when they need it.

Our take

Use Bitronix as a backup solution in case you get in trouble with Atomikos. We don't want vendor lock-in and this project is the perfect backup for the bread-and-butter use cases.

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