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How to choose the product that's right for your project:

Does your project concern more than one backend resource (message queue, database) and/or REST service? Continue below You don't need any Atomikos products
Do (will) you make money from your project? Use ExtremeTransactions: if you won't invest in your project then why would other people? Continue below
Will you have a support budget for going to production? Continue below Use TransactionsEssentials: it's free
Are you serious about going to production with your project when ready? Continue below Use TransactionsEssentials
Are your transactions mission-critical: if a transaction got lost or corrupted, would somebody have to look for it? Use ExtremeTransactions because TransactionsEssentials is not supported Continue below
Are you going to be deploying to the cloud? Use ExtremeTransactions because it has built-in elasticity and cloud support Continue below
Are you using Tomcat, Spring or Hazelcast? Use ExtremeTransactions with built-in integrations so you can compose your own light-weight runtime that replaces the traditional application server at a fraction of the overhead and cost Continue below
Is performance important to you? Use ExtremeTransactions: it is optimised for performance Continue below
Are operations management utilities important to you? Use ExtremeTransactions with built-in operations tools Consider TransactionsEssentials


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