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4 good reasons to upgrade today

Here is why you should order ExtremeTransactions - our commercial edition - today:

  1. Sooner or later, an issue manifests itself in production. With TransactionsEssentials, you are like an acrobat without a safety net.
  2. Upgrading from TransactionEssentials to our commercial offer ExtremeTransactions may take longer than acceptable in case of an emergency issue.
  3. Your mission-critical end-to-end transactions, at many times per second, need an equally quick failure recovery.
  4. Most crashes tend to happen at high loads so your system will by definition need recovery when a maximum of transactions are at risk.
  5. Your budget planning needs to anticipate the fees required to upgrade.

So plan ahead and order now - so your production issues don't linger around for weeks while you upgrade. Tell us when you want support to start, so no early payment is needed.

It's like building a house: would you build your house without getting insurance? Probably not. And if your house is on fire then it is too late to get the insurance. Just like a house, your IT project along with its mission-critical data is expensive - it's an investment. So protect your investment by securing your insurance today so you can upgrade to ExtremeTransactions and we're all ready when there is a fire.

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