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Join our distributed transaction management community and help us shape the future of TransactionsEssentials - either so you can be(come) a recognised expert yourself or just for the fun of it! This page helps you get started…

Why Register

Registration gives you the following benefits:

  • Full access to the Documentation pages (see below for suggested contributions).
  • Free access to our PDF resources and TransactionsEssentials without having to fill out forms.
  • You can connect with other members and collaborate on transactional matters.
  • You can find more with extended search accessibility.
  • More and more banks and e-trading companies use our technology; if you're into that kind of business then your engagement in our community will probably look good on your resume.
  • When we hire, we prefer to hire experts who have already proven themselves in our community.

How to Register

Today's biggest communities reach across multiple websites and accounts - each with a separate username and password registry. We're no different, so depending on what you want to do, join as follows:

  • To join the forums and post questions and answers, please register here
  • To edit the documentation wiki and/or to get a smoother experience when downloading (auto-fill of forms) register here.
  • To comment on our blog, you need a disqus account.
  • To contribute code, it's probably easiest if you have a GitHub account.
  • To follow us on social networks, see how to connect at the bottom of this page.
  • To subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates, register your email address below.

Getting Started / Most Wanted Contributions

Assuming that you've already downloaded TransactionsEssentials and have registered with our community as explained on this page, here are some of the best ways to contribute (list presented in increasing order of complexity & difficulty):

  1. Recommend us to your friends and colleagues
  2. Share your story by answering our 4-question survey
  3. Report bugs, usage problems or clarity issues in our forums
  4. Write a blog post about us
  5. Improved documentation (see suggestions below)
  6. Add new configuration examples for third-party products for our documentation (see suggestions below)
  7. Help other users in our forums
  8. New feature donations (we have a mirror repository on GitHub that you can fork)

Documentation Pages That Need Your Help

Development Roadmap

Also see our roadmap

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