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The Atomikos team is composed of a core group of dedicated members (backing the commercial activities like support and release management) as well as a number of volunteers from the community. All names are listed in alphabetical order.

Gustavo Alonso

Gustavo Alonso is a professor of Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich). He has ample expertise both as a researcher as well as a consultant in the areas of Enterprise Application Integration, transactional systems, middleware, database replication and large scale data management, web services, and Service Oriented Architectures. His research is focused on the architecture and construction of large software systems. The results of his research group have often found their way into products and real systems, encompassing many aspects of modern distributed applications such as, e.g., transaction management, database replication, large scale data repositories, security libraries, and networking platforms. Gustavo has contributed to the seminal research and prototypes that evolved into the Atomikos products. Gustavo has also helped founding the Atomikos project and currently is a member of the advisory board of Atomikos. Gustavo Alonso is also a co-inventor in the patents behind some of the key transactional technology used in Atomikos products.

Edwin Babadaglian

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Mehdi Bennani

Mehdi Bennani is a senior software designer and a java server expert with over 10 years of experience in several large and small startup companies. He brings expertise in java enterprise server development and solid knowledge in various software development processes and methodology. Mehdi is currently working for a leading IPTV Middleware and Applications Provider specializing in performance design and system scalability. He is very active in the open source community, as member and moderator of several open source projects.

Mehdi holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA.

Jan Bartel

Jan Bartel is the Chief Engineer and one of the co-founders of Webtide, and Mort Bay Consulting.

She has extensive industry experience as a team leader and consultant, working with java, J2EE, and other key related technologies. She is a contributor and committer to a number of open source projects in addition to Jetty, of which she is one of the project leaders.

During her 20 year career, she has delivered both client-side and server-side applications in industry sectors as diverse as online services, telecommunications, and banking and finance.

Jan received her B.A and M.A (Pass) degrees in Computer Science from Sydney University, Australia.

Jeff Cunningham

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Dan Diephouse

Mr. Diephouse is a software architect at MuleSource, the company behind the open source Mule ESB. He has been building open source web services and SOA solutions for several years. He is a co-founder of web services framework Apache CXF and the founder of several other projects including XFire, SXC, and Jettison.

Jason M. Hanna


Barry Kaplan


Torsten Krah


Michael Kuperberg

Michael Kuperberg is a PhD student in the "Software Design and Quality” research group of Prof. Ralf H. Reussner at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Before joining the research group, he studied computer science at the University of Karlsruhe and at University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, USA. He received his diploma degree in 2005. During his studies, he worked at the university and in industry, including work on transactions as a means for increasing the robustness of multi-agent systems.

Marian Kelc


Pascal Leclercq

Pascal Leclercq PICT0049.JPG
Pascal is mainly a scientist with a passion of history. As a professional, he is a freelancer and founder of opensagres (In Memory of the "Fort of Sagres", one of the first research center in the History). He is a senior Java developer and OSGi enthusiast. Pascal's center of interests and skills are Maven, Eclipse RCP, Spring and OSGi. He tries to OSGi-fy all the useful java module around the Galaxy. One of his best qualities is his insatiable curiosity. He has graduated as engineer de l'Ecole des Mines de DOUAI in 1996.

Lars J. Nilsson

Lars J. Nilsson, MMe, is an autodidact programmer, architect and Java server expert. A former opera singer turned developer, he is the Executive Vice President - and one of the founders - of Cubeia Ltd and the owner of XeC Software. Lars is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and he is currently interested in large scale system design, application clustering and soft real time requirements. He can also be found here.

Guy Pardon

Guy is the official founder of the Atomikos project. Guy holds a Master in Engineering from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and later got a PhD at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in the group of Gustavo Alonso. The Atomikos technology grew out of Guy's PhD work on 'Composite Transactions'. Guy is currently the technology lead at Atomikos and co-ordinates the technical and support efforts of the team. Guy is also the chief software architect in charge of product design and manages the open source community at Atomikos.

Andrei Popovici


Karel Pottie

Since his master's degree in economics, Karel acquired over 20 years experience in general management of mid-range companies in different European countries. He is specialised in financial and administrative management, and also held management positions in sales and marketing. He now holds a private consulting company.

Wout Steurs

Wout has more than 20 years of experience working with large financial services organizations, funding agencies as well as technology start-ups specializing in strategic planning and execution, business development and organizational change in the areas of research, product development, sales, marketing, communications, human resources and technology. Worked in multiple countries using six language skills. As a co-founder of Atomikos, Wout is responsible for management of the Atomikos business operations.

Paul Tomsic


Margarita Vasquez

Margarita holds the position of marketing manager at Atomikos. She is responsible for things like conference presence, marketing material and any other promotional activities.

Greg Wilkins

Greg Wilkins is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and one of the founding CEO of Webtide. He was also a founder and CEO of Mort Bay Consulting.

Greg has deep knowledge of all facets of software development. He has, 22 years experience as a software developer, team leader, architect, trainer, and technical mentor in industry sectors ranging from telecommunications, finance, realtime computing to internet applications.

He is closely involved with the open source movement, being the creator of the Jetty web container, a co-founder of Apache Geronimo, and a committer or contributor to a number of other open source projects. Greg sits on the JCP Servlet Expert Group and is active in the Open Ajax Alliance.

Greg received his B.S. Computer Science Degree with 1st Class Honors from Sydney University, Australia.

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