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The meaning behind our name

The Greek word 'atomikos' means atomic (in the sense of all-or-nothing), referring to this essential property of reliable transaction management. Imagine the uncomfortable feeling of experiencing a crash or bug in production, and not knowing if your data is consistent. Good news for you: our products were designed to easily automate exception handling by canceling all inappropriately performed steps of a failing or failed transaction, even across different databases or systems. So your data is consistent, even if your systems let you down…


Join us on our journey

Distributed transaction technology has been around for a while, but not quite in the right form for cloud applications. We’re continuously changing and improving all of that, so read on to learn more and join us.

Make building your transactional applications much more lean and efficient

We invented JEE without application server, freeing developers from the restrictive harness of the application server by moving towards self-contained applications. Our transactions integrate into your application stack, not the other way around. What you develop is what you deploy, nothing less. No late risks of deployments failing, faster turnaround times, and higher productivity follow automatically…


Make your transactional applications much cheaper

Our technology is available as open source, and with commercial support if you want to. Our prices are cloud-friendly: no CPU or core counting.

Make your transactional applications faster

Currently under development, our LogCloud is yet another game-changer in the industry: build transactional applications without having to suffer from the performance penalty of disk I/O. Enable transaction logs for cloud availability and elastic scaling.


Make your micro-services and SOA reliable

Our SOA approach enables automated and reliable reservation processes in REST-style architectures. Unlike WS-death-star or other ‘industry standards’, this guarantees interoperability across independent parties that want to participate in a SOA transaction.

Contact Us

Atomikos Corporate Headquarters
Hoveniersstraat, 39/1, 2800
Mechelen, Belgium

T +3215613055

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