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Our vision on how to do transactions in REST…

Download this white paper to discover our vision on SOA and learn the following…

The 4th generation of transaction management technologies has arrived! Forget about app servers or heavy platforms: this whitepaper outlines our main vision for lean & extreme transaction processing.

View this presentation (slides) to learn the essentials of Spring itself, and how it can be used to create transactional applications that are rock-solid:

JEE without Application Server
Yes, JEE can be that easy!

The JEE platform still remains a source of great complexity and cost, forcing many organizations to run various applications without a JEE application server. Such businesses are discovering that many critical applications can not be run without a server, limiting their Java functionality.

After 20 years of designing distributed systems architectures, we found that almost everyone gets these 2 things wrong - only to find out when it is too late! Subscribe to this free email course and find out more…

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  • 1 simple secret to increase availability, simplicity AND scalability of your microservices
  • 1 simple secret that could ruin your data consistency in the longer term - even if you use sagas or eventual consistency!


JTA/XA reliability without the performance overhead
Distributed transactions without the performance cost

18 Jan 2018 | Guy Pardon | Tech tips, Vision | , , ,

Who said distributed transactions would cost in terms of performance? Now you can go as fast as with plain JDBC!

How to build transactional microservice ecosystems with Atomikos: if you want to split-up your monolith then this is how you take care of the integrity of your databases…

Our review of the ebook: "Understanding Message Brokers" by Jakub Korab…

An easy and cheap way to achieve hot backup and disaster recovery with XA…

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