JEE without Application Server
Yes, JEE can be that easy!

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The JEE platform still remains a source of great complexity and cost, forcing many organizations to run various applications without a JEE application server. Such businesses are discovering that many critical applications can not be run without a server, limiting their Java functionality.

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The solution: NO application server

Discover how to eliminate the growing complexity associated with JEE programming by increasing the number of applications that can be run without using an application server, such as your cloud applications or your microservices.

Curious to learn what makes our users and customers stand out - and why we were nominated a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner?

"We (the largest SWIFT processor in the world) used this to achieve performance no app server could handle." — Luis Matos, BBP/D+H

Fire the app server — try "JEE Without Application Server"

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