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"At the time we were using Java EE 5 (EJB 3.0) and Glassfish Application Server. The (clustered) application became pretty monolithic, configuration was tough (editing huge xml files was best practice) and the tech stack was very rigid. One of the problems we had was that all instances of the application were consuming messages and serving HTTP requests, performance suffered. Also, releases on Glassfish took very long, stability suffered. Production, QA, DEV environments were differing in many ways making it impossible to think about continous integration / delivery.

We first had some good experiences using Atomikos for unit testing (mostly persistence layer and messaging) because it was way faster.

We could migrate from EJB to Spring with keeping most of the application as it was: multiple persistence units (JPA/Hibernate), caching (Ehcache), messaging (ActiveMQ), XA transactions (now Atomikos). Atomikos supported us a lot by providing advice and custom versions of Atomikos that reflected our specific environment. We finally switched off Glassfish and moved to much more lightweight embedded Servlet containers (Jetty). Over time we broke the monolithic application down into smaller pieces that were handled by different teams.

We recommend Atomikos if you are migrating existing monolithic JEE applications to Spring, and for Spring-based applications complex transaction handling under high load."

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