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Why Atomikos

Transactions without Appserver

For software development teams who need transactions for their self-contained cloud applications, we offer a lean, light-weight transaction management library. Unlike legacy platforms we enable JEE without the application server, and provide light-weight BPM for REST enabling developers to pick and compose their own optimal technology stack.


Transactions for XTP

Forget about app servers or heavy platforms: this whitepaper outlines our main vision for lean & extreme transaction processing. Also: what's a transaction manager anyway, and why do you need one?

Transactions for SOA

Forget about web service transaction 'standards' (WS-*), the enterprise service bus (ESB) or business process management (BPM): this whitepaper introduces TCC, our vision for light-weight transactions in SOA.

TransactionsEssentials Datasheet

This data sheet summarises our open source product - so you can get started for free at your own pace.

ExtremeTransactions Datasheet

Quick facts about our commercial subscription experience - so you can kick-start your project on steroids backed by our support and power features.

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HOWTO: make distributed transactions work in Tomcat

in Tech tips
When using Tomcat and distributed transactions, there are 2 pitfalls to be aware of:

HOWTO: ensure init and close ordering plays well with recovery

in Tech tips
A common mistake is not tuning the init and shutdown ordering of your connection pools versus the transaction kernel - so please make sure you avoid this pitfall:

HOWTO: avoid orphaned REST invocations due to lost responses

in Tech tips
Your REST service is invoked and left pending. How can you rollback?

ExtremeTransactions 3.9.37

in ExtremeTransactions
Improved clarity for transactions marked as rollback only

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