I did not need any support last year - so why should I renew?

We work day and night to ensure that ExtremeTransactions is very reliable so our customers have as few issues as possible. As a result, we are delighted to hear that you have not needed any active support. On the other hand, without your subscription you would be using TransactionsEssentials - which is equivalent to injecting 100+ bugs into your current configuration!

In addition, a subscription offers much more than just support. By renewing, you ensure that support is available if you do need it in the future, plus a subscription provides continued access to reliable solutions and binaries that are tested, certified, and proven stable, as well as our online training program to keep your staff up-to-date in the latest greatest from Atomikos.

I already paid for a subscription last year, why do I need to renew?

Traditional vendors charge an up-front license fee and subsequent maintenance fees per year.

We sell our products and services under a subscription model. We don't charge up-front licenses and we don't charge per node or CPU, you only pay for the services and benefits accessible to you as a subscriber. It's a bit like maintenance, except that there is no perpetual usage right - you need an ongoing subscription.

Can I still use the software if I don't renew?

No. If you don't renew then you need to downgrade - see How To Downgrade.

How long does my subscription last?

Our subscriptions are sold per year.

How do I renew?

Contact sales@atomikos.com to renew.

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