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CAUTION: by downgrading, you loose:
  1. 100+ bug fixes available in ExtremeTransactions (downgrading is like injecting 100+ bugs into your project)
  2. All the power features available in ExtremeTransactions
  3. Any options for getting support from our experts
  4. Access to our operations monitoring and management tools
  5. Access to our online training
Not sure? Check Products Overview to see if downgrading to TransactionsEssentials is your best option.

To downgrade, you must do all of the following:

  1. Remove our maven repository from your maven build config. You will then lose all the value-added features and hardened jars of our commercial distribution available to our subscribers.
  2. Remove all our jars from your internal maven repositories.
  3. Switch any remaining dependencies to 5.0.8

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