Spring Boot already has built-in integration with Atomikos TransactionsEssentials. Assuming your pom is already configured for basic Spring Boot, all you need to do extra is add the right "starter" dependency in your pom:


Because of the way the boot starters work, this will pull in all Atomikos required dependencies into your project.


To use the commercial version of Atomikos, override the Atomikos version property in the generated Spring Boot pom.xml file:

Example: releases 5.0.x


Example: releases 4.0.x


Feel free to use whatever other 4.0 release you need.

Example: releases 3.9.x


You will also need to setup your maven build to use our commercial maven repo (customer access only).

Configuring Spring Boot Logging

See for how to configure the logging. See Configuring the Logs for what Atomikos log levels mean and do…

Configuring Atomikos properties in Spring Boot

See for the Spring Boot equivalents of our JTA Properties. Here is an example:

        max-timeout: 900000

Alternatively, just add a separate file to your classpath.

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