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Our maven repository is exclusive to ExtremeTransactions subscribers. You need a customer account to access our commercial maven repository.

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Maven configuration with Atomikos repository

As of release 3.9, commercial customers need to configure their settings.xml to connect to the Atomikos maven repository - or the jars for the release in question may not be found.
   <!-- see your commercial login -->

CAUTION: for 3.8.x releases, you have to download a repository .zip file for the version of your choice from and deploy it to your maven repository. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that is how releases are / were published in the pre-3.9 releases.

Maven with Nexus as your local repository manager

Nexus allows you to setup a proxy repository towards Most of this is standard nexus administration, so here we only document what might be specific to Atomikos:


Select your Atomikos proxy repo in nexus, go to the Configuration tab and enable Authentication. Set the username and password for your maven account - which you have received after signing as an Atomikos subscriber.

Browse Remote

The "Browse Remote" functionality may not seem to work from within nexus, however this does not affect maven builds: if your pom files refer to your local nexus as the repository, then the Atomikos jars will still be found and the maven build should work.


You can test if your nexus is configured correctly by creating the following maven test project:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <name>Test nexus / maven repo</name>
        <url>TODO enter your nexus / atomikos proxy repo URL here</url>

After you build the above maven project, you should see the transactions-jta jar in your nexus, under the "Browse Storage" tab.

CAUTION: as mentioned above, the "Browse Remote" functionality may not work in nexus, but this does not affect your builds nor maven.

Available to customers only. Want to become a customer?

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