Transactions are easy to misconfigure, and XA drivers are often buggy in unexpected ways - both of which are problems that are hard to detect by regular testing or code reviews. Our subscribers have access to Development Support and the resulting Application Certification guarantees. It is the only way to make sure that you are not running an unsupported or misconfigured configuration, and also get the necessary Atomikos fixes to go to production on the right foot. This is the only safe way for production systems: unless we can certify your configuration, you might as well not use transactions in the first place.

We are also the only player in the industry that allows customized system configurations, i.e. without forcing you into the harness of a preconfigured application (server) stack that contains lots of technologies that you don't want or need. With Atomikos, you can pick your own and still have peace of mind.

Lastly, Atomikos is also the only safe choice for integration because we are probably the only vendor-independent integration player on the market. Be compatible with the specs we must, and that is your best guarantee to success for all your integration projects.

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