Transactions for SOA with Guaranteed Interoperability

Imagine a light-weight transaction (and BPM) model for REST with the following characteristics:

  • Guaranteed interoperability
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • No technology dependencies, so no configuration required
  • Compatible with the REST architectural constraints

Example Use Case

Supposed you want to book a trip consisting of two connecting flights. You don't need just one of these flights, you need both of them. If that turns out to be impossible, you'd rather not pay anything.

BPM or Not?

Imagine the BPM modeling you would need to do to handle all failure scenarios and confirmation scenarios. We know from experience that this does not scale… Besides, BPM does not really fit REST (yet).

Instead, what we offer is a complete and reliable automation of the confirmation and cancellation steps - letting you focus on the happy path of the workflow.

Download whitepaper "Transactions for SOA"

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