Extreme transaction processing (XTP) is a new computing model describing a scenario where applications must absorb and crunch massive volumes of fast-changing data from many sources. Not only does XTP require extremely high throughput – there must be a high level of transactional integrity guaranteed. XTP is a growing practice within financial services firms, where electronic trading operates on the absorption of large volumes of trading events and requests, and the processing of those transactions within a database. Other industries embracing XTP include utilities for energy trading, digital media for order processing, telcos for billing and call set up and the gaming industry for billing.

"Open source in extreme transaction processing is already strong, and Gartner expects growing adoption as megavendors enter the market. Users should favor XTP platforms, mixing proprietary technology with industry standards and popular open-source software to minimize costs and risks."

— Gartner

Most if not all of these trading applications are aimed at maximizing the number of orders processed. Orders are typically taken via a web site or customer portal and queued for back office processing, freeing up front-end availability for new orders. Queued orders are then converted into meaningful business data. Each order is interpreted and the results stored in one or more databases. Between orders submission on the front end and the processing of an order there may be multiple storage systems and consequently many points of failure. When failure occurs in any one of these systems, orders and associated business data may be lost, or duplicated, and in a trading scenario, where dollar values of transactions can be very high, and volumes of transactions large, the potential for bottom line impact and financial loss is significant. Industries and companies engaged in XTP need to minimize risk to the fullest extent. They turn to our products to safeguard and protect mission critical data in the event of any transaction failure.

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