Why use TransactionsEssentials and not any other (open-source or commercial) transaction manager? Because of the following reasons:

Transaction management and connection pooling for J2SE

TransactionsEssentials gives you both transaction management and connection pooling - even in J2SE applications! You'll never want to use an application server again;-)

Ease of use

Pioneering ease of use, the Atomikos products are far easier to setup and use than most traditional products. In combination with third-party tools like Spring, you don't even have to modify your code for most use cases.

Real Recovery Out-Of-The-Box

Recovery is built-in and switched on by default. You get it for free, no need to configure anything else!

Extended documentation

The project comes with elaborate PDF documentation on JTA/XA and the Atomikos internal design. It also provides working sample programs for most relevant use cases.

Optimized for JDBC and JMS

We provide support for any XA resource, but we've made it extra easy to add JDBC or JMS resources to your application. We also offer JDBC/JMS pooling (for performance) and instant message listening capabilities for JMS.

Professional support

We provide professional expert support with even 24/7 availability for the most demanding projects. See Support Overview for more information.

Pragmatic feature set

We don't offer features or functionality that nobody needs, which keeps our software as simple as it can be while doing what it needs to do. New features are added only when the need is clear.

Superior design

The design of Atomikos is specifically optimized for handling two-phase commit. Atomikos offers the right interfaces for its purpose: two-phase commit. In fact, you could say that the Atomikos engine is a two-phase commit kernel that does exactly that (and only that).

Most other projects are designed around JTA/XA (ugly, low-level, error-prone), something as baroque as OTS (CORBA) or otherwise overly ambitious (like striving to make everything transactional, supporting exotic things like three-phase commit etcetera).

Minimal Dependencies

Unlike many other projects, Atomikos only has a minimum set of dependencies on other projects. This makes it easier to integrate, since both jar and license conflicts are less likely to happen. Also, this improves the level of support that can be offered.


TransactionsEssentials is licensed under the Apache license, v2. This is one of the most liberal licenses available.


This technology has been around since 2001, so it has reached a considerable level of maturity both in terms of technology and in terms of support experience. It is a tried and tested solution: Atomikos has been used in a variety of configurations and embedded into several larger platforms. There is an already ample portfolio of use cases that demonstrate the maturity of the software and its flexibility. See Atomikos Customers for a representative list of success stories within some world-class companies.

No Application Server Needed

Atomikos + Spring + Hibernate essentially replace most of the appplication server functionality without all the overhead, and allowing a superior application design. See http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2006/02/08/j2ee-without-application-server.html for more information. Also check out our white paper J2EE without application server.

Excellent references

More and more people are using Atomikos. See Atomikos Customers for a representative list of success stories within some world-class companies.

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