You can use JMX to inspect and administer active (pending) transactions. This is most relevant for problematic transactions that require the intervention of a human administrator.

The Atomikos JMX administration facility offers a graphical interface to the active transactions in the core. Administrators can use this to perform the following operations:

  • Retrieve the list of currently active transactions.
  • Filter out any problematic HEURISTIC transactions.
  • Manually terminate problematic transactions.

Configuring for JMX in the JDK 1.5

The following code fragment shows how to configure JMX administration for the built-in JMX in JDK 1.5.
JmxTransactionService service = new JmxTransactionService(); //1
//optionally configure this to set heuristics only:
//service.setHeuristicsOnly ( true );
MBeanServer jmx = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer(); //2
ObjectName mBeanName = new ObjectName ( "atomikos:type=Transactions" ); //3
jmx.registerMBean ( service , mBeanName ); //4

Assuming that you are using jconsole to connect to the JMX server inside your application's VM: the JMX functionality will show up in the jconsole, under atomikos.

Note that the application needs to specify additional VM parameters to allow jconsole to connect, for instance like this:

See for more information on the jconsole utility.

Configuring for Other MBeanServer Implementations

To use another MBeanServer implementation, all you need to do is modify line 2 above to obtain the right MBeanServer instance.

Easier Config with ExtremeTransactions JMX tools

ExtremeTransactions subscribers enjoy easier and more elaborate JMX controls as part of their subscription. See the commercial JMX examples accessible via your subscription.

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