The Atomikos download contains an evaluation version of the FirstSQL/J ORDBMSexternal, a complete database server for J2EE with very good XA support.

FirstSQL/J Overview

FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server is a general purpose Object/Relational DBMS, implemented in 100% Java, portable to a wide range of systems from embedded/mobile devices to mainframes. It is a complete J2EE RDBMS including support for Datasources, Connection Pooling and XA. It also provides both JCA 1.0 and 1.5 capabilities. FirstSQL/J Server is compliant with standards, supporting SQL 92, JDBC 3, ODBC 3, JTA/XA and JCA. Its extensions include:

  • SQL
    • Java objects in table columns and manipulation of objects in SQL,
    • Java stored procedures,
    • Java triggers,
    • Auto-increment keys,
    • Recursive queries.
  • In-memory mode for high performance.
  • High availability
    • Online backup,
    • Replication servers,
    • Fail over to standby servers.

Installing FirstSQL/J

This page assumes you are using the Atomikos distribution of FirstSQL 2.75, located in the folder /included of the Atomikos download.
FirstSQL/J is distributed as a self-installing jar file (in this folder). It can be installed using the install scripts included, or on Windows, Solaris and other operating systems, you can click directly on jar to install. FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server includes its own setup program. You can also execute it directly at the command-line:
java  -jar firstsqljentx_xx.jar

Executing the jar runs the FirstSQL/J Enterprise Setup Utility. The utility is a Java AWT application and is compatible with JDK 1.1. For additional information on running the FirstSQL/J Enterprise Setup, see the readme.txt file in jar file. Use the Java jar utility to extract readme.txt, or any zip file utility (jars are zip-compatible.)

You need to run the jar command twice, once to install the server and a second time to install the client (with JDBC drivers).

Locating the JDBC driver

The JDBC driver for FirstSQL is called fsjclient.jar located in the FirstSQL installation folder (that you chose during installation), in the subfolder client/lib.

Locating the server

The server scripts and software are installed in the FirstSQL installation folder, under the subfolder server

Starting With XA Enabled

You must start the server with the StartupJ2EE script to enable XA:
> ./
FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server  2.75  Copyright 2002-2004 FirstSQL, Inc.
  <8000> Started
Server Startup complete

Note: use the corresponding .bat file on Windows systems.

Shutting down

You must call the Shutdown script to properly shut the database down:
> ./
FirstSQL/J Enterprise Shutdown  2.75  Copyright 2002-2004 FirstSQL, Inc.
Shutting down server at dbcp://localhost:8001
Shutdown accepted.

Startup Problems with FirstSQL

You may get a startup error like this if the database wasn't shut down properly:
> ./
FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server  2.75  Copyright 2002-2004 FirstSQL, Inc.
  Start <8000> fails : Recovery Required
  Unable to start any ports
Shutdown failure : Unable to perform

In that case, just add -r, i.e. invoke StartupJ2EE -r to enforce recovery:
> ./ -r
FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server  2.75  Copyright 2002-2004 FirstSQL, Inc.
  <8000> Started
Server Startup complete

Connecting via JDBC

The following code sample shows the essentials of connection to FirstSQL:
 AtomikosDataSourceBean ds = new AtomikosDataSourceBean();
 ds.setXaDataSourceClassName ( "COM.FirstSQL.Dbcp.DbcpXADataSource" );
 ds.getXaProperties().setProperty("user", "demo");
 ds.getXaProperties().setProperty("portNumber", "8000");
 ds.setUniqueResourceName ( "FirstSqlDemo" );

Getting Help

If you have any difficulty executing the jar file, contact

The web home for FirstSQL is For sales, contact

FirstSQL® Registered Trademark of FFE Software, Inc.

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