New community bug fix release for the 4.0.4 - correcting some important issues related to basic usability.

94285: Refactored connection pool with concurrentConnectionValidation

Refactored the connection pool: the testQuery is now executed outside of a synchronised block for better performance.

165262: Configuration.shutdown methods should log INFO message

In-line with INFO logging policies, shutdown methods now log an INFO message.

166914: ConnectionPool.borrowConnection: move testQuery execution outside of synchronised block

The testQuery used to be in a synchronised block, now this is no longer the case thanks to a new pool implementation. This is a port of fix 94285 (commercial branch) to the community.

166918: Simplified lock file handing on Windows


166919: Auto-create all necessary directories for log files


166920: Eclipse source bundle for this atomikos version


166915: Bug for indoubt / timeout: cleanup not possible due to lacking state transition

Added a missing core state transition for timed-out in-doubt transactions so they can be cleaned up. This is a port of fix 161485 (commercial branch) to the community.

166916: New recovery: call refreshXAConnection when errors during recovery

Improved connection refreshing by porting the fix for issue 156968 (commercial branch) to the community.

166917: READONLY does not call Synchronization - leading to connection leaks

Improved the Synchronization for READONLY transactions - so 2 or more READONLY transactions in the same transaction will not give connection leaks in the pool. This is a port of fix 127485 (commercial branch) to the community.

166923: Non-XA datasource: always return connections in autoCommit mode by default

Merged - so non-XA connections are returned in autoCommit mode by default (as per the JDBC spec).

166921: Add a "bom" file for dependency management

Merged - so it is easier to manage versions for dependencies on our product in 3rd party libraries. See for more background on "bom" files.

166929: Add for GitHub

Added contribution guidelines for our GitHub repo.

166934: Add config property: default shutdown wait timeout

Shutdown in no-force mode now waits for at most a max. configurable timeout, specified by the init property "com.atomikos.icatch.default_max_wait_time_on_shutdown" (defaults to Long.MAX_VALUE). This is a port of fix 156015 (commercial branch) to the community.

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