Release notes for TransactionsEssentials 5.0.7

181595: Add Apache Dubbo support in transactions-remoting

We have receive a contribution that adds support for Apache Dubbo concerning transactions-remoting. Transactions can now also span Dubbo calls.

181282: Remoting: allow setting a raw IP address to avoid the need for a load balancer

You can now use transactions-remoting without a load balance as explained here: Configuring Remoting

182099: AtomikosConnectionFactoryBean: createConnection(user, password) should log warning

We have re-introduced a log warning when this method is called, to avoid confusion. Users who don't want this warning should:

  1. Create a subclass and
  2. Override this method

182043: Don't log heuristics as ERROR but rather just WARN

This is a fix for the following issue on GitHub:

182106: Improve TransactionService shutdown: wait for all timer threads

We improved the shutdown code to wait for all timer threads to finish.

181770: Remoting: fix double slash in Extent

There was a double slash in the Extent returned by remote calls. On some HTTP stacks this could give issues. This has been fixed.

179295: Fixed NPE in remoting

Under certain rollback scenarios there were ugly NullPointerExceptions - we fixed that.

181427: Clarify "Log already in use" message

We have added extra explanation to the message you get when you attempt to start a second instance with the same transaction log file.

179308: Log a message when remote participants are added to the transaction

For consistency with XA participants, remote participants are now also logged when added to the transaction.

179307: Dynamic proxies: avoid logging native calls as DEBUG

We now log native calls as TRACE to be less verbose.

179958: Fixed bug in dynamic proxies for Tibco compatibility

Fixed a bug that would lead to the following error with Tibco:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: com.tibco.tibjms.TibjmsXAQueueConnection is not an interface

180765: NPE on commit retry for remoting

Fixed an ugly exception that happened in certain retry scenarios.

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