SOAP web-services support and improved logging…

171867: ACID/SOAP transaction support

In addition to REST support, we've added a new incarnation of our SOAP web service transaction support. Once more you can make transactions span web services, but this time it's not according to the inefficiencies of a bloated standard specification. Rather, it's the way we think it should be - no compromises!

171909: Publish event when setRollbackOnly is called

We now publish an instance of TransactionRollbackOnlyEvent whenever there is a call to setRollbackOnly. Just listen for the event, and chose how to handle it (e.g., by logging a warning with the stack trace of the calling thread so you can diagnose what component is causing issues).

170752: Log JDBC/JMS init as INFO so it is easier to find mistakes

We now log init calls as INFO so it is easier to find mistakes in the configuration.

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