Support update: from August 15 to (including) September 2 2018 we will be available for production support only. In particular, free trial support and development support will not be available during those days due to reduced staffing constraints. Thank you for your understanding!
These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.8.0.

83620: OSGi woes with ATE 3.7.0

Improved exports in our OSGi bundle - for improved OSGi comfort.

70899: Implement logging API

As of this release, we no longer use our proprietary logging configuration mechanism. Instead, we now use your application's logging mechanism/framework by configuring a logger for com.atomikos or nested packages. This also yields better performance because w e no longer log to two destinations (our internal tm.out and other) but rather to one.

61595: Document: poolSize overrides minPoolSize and maxPoolSize

Improved poolSize javadoc.

69383: Example app for OSGi

The examples for ExtremeTransactions now contain a working OSGi example.

80529: JDK logging messed up in Tomcat webapps

Prior to this release we relied on the JDK logging API. Due to a built-in limitation of the JDK logging, Tomcat-based tm.out files would often be messed up. This should now be fixed, by allowing you to select a different logging strategy like log4j or logback.

89213: Improve performance of String processing

Various tuning interventions on String processing to improve performance here and there.

88660: Destroying pool: log as INFO, not WARN

The fact that the pool is being destroyed should not be a warning but rather an informational log entry. This has now been implemented as such.

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