These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.8.0.

83620: OSGi woes with ATE 3.7.0

Improved exports in our OSGi bundle - for improved OSGi comfort.

70899: Implement logging API

As of this release, we no longer use our proprietary logging configuration mechanism. Instead, we now use your application's logging mechanism/framework by configuring a logger for com.atomikos or nested packages. This also yields better performance because w e no longer log to two destinations (our internal tm.out and other) but rather to one.

61595: Document: poolSize overrides minPoolSize and maxPoolSize

Improved poolSize javadoc.

69383: Example app for OSGi

The examples for ExtremeTransactions now contain a working OSGi example.

80529: JDK logging messed up in Tomcat webapps

Prior to this release we relied on the JDK logging API. Due to a built-in limitation of the JDK logging, Tomcat-based tm.out files would often be messed up. This should now be fixed, by allowing you to select a different logging strategy like log4j or logback.

89213: Improve performance of String processing

Various tuning interventions on String processing to improve performance here and there.

88660: Destroying pool: log as INFO, not WARN

The fact that the pool is being destroyed should not be a warning but rather an informational log entry. This has now been implemented as such.

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