These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.9.1

112646: enable backward compatibility of sessionTransacted behavior

Legacy applications/configurations that expect the 'old' behavior of our JMS sessions (determined by the sessionTransacted flag passed upon session creation) can now re-enable this behavior by setting the ignoreSessionTransactedFlag on the Atomikos connection factory to false.

112579: com.atomikos.icatch.enable_logging is ignored

This setting got ignored in the 3.9 release, meaning there was no way to turn logging off - this has now been fixed.

112651: old release notes html file in evaluation download

The evaluation download contained old release notes - these have been removed. Release notes are now online only.

112681: transactions-jmx module missing in evaluation download

The new transactions-jmx was missing in the zip file for the evaluation download.

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