These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.8.7

130852: UniqueIdMgr: java.lang.RuntimeException: Already writing a new version

Fixed cleanup of resources when writing a new epoch file, to avoid exceptions under abnormal operating conditions.

123322: Avoid logging overhead for (root) transactions with only one participant

Transactions with only 1 participant (or resource) will resort to 1-phase commit and there is no way to recover their state. Therefore, logging adds useless overhead and is now avoided.

123291: Unexpected XAException errorCode during 2PC commit: call recover() to find out if retry makes sense

We now try to avoid unnecessary and annoying HeuristicHazard outcomes and dito retries, by doing extra checks in the XAResource backend whenever possible.

123502: Deadlock on multi-threaded JMS connection use

Fixed a deadlock condition when multiple threads use the same JMS connection, each in its own session.

126795: NullPointerException during borrowConnection in JMS with concurrent close of existing session

Fixed a NPE condition where concurrent borrow requests and close operations on existing sessions would interfere.

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