These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.7.2

84252: Hide warning on forceCloseAllPendingStatements

The logging noise in JDBC has been reduced significantly.

84253: Log warning in XAResourceTransaction if errors on prepare

Added warning to the log if prepare yields errors.

80464: Error on shutdown of MessageDrivenContainer

Improved shutdown procedure to wait for any listener threads to exit first. This should avoid ugly shutdown warnings and improve overall shutdown.

83599: MessageDrivenContainer: add receiveTimeout property

It is now possible to specify an (optional) extra receiveTimeout property - which will speed up shutdown because blocked receiver threads will exit sooner if a value is specified lower than the transaction timeout.

72990: Exception on timeout of coordinator

Corrected NullPointerException bug on recovery of certain transaction states.

73406: WG: Atomikos crashes VM when connection to MQSeries server breaks

Added workaround for MQSeries memory leak when connectivity to the broker goes down.

73193: Log warning if pool shuts down with connections in use

We now log a warning if a connection pool is shutdown while some connections are still being used.

73729: Connection recycling bug in JMS

Fixed a bug where two subsequent getConnection() requests (by the same thread) would get the same connection from the same AtomikosConnectionFactoryBean - leading to problems with the later close logic.

73756: Bug in MessageConsumerSession

Improved the retry/refresh logic when the JMS backed is unreachable.

72518: Bug in AbstractJmsSenderTemplate if destionationName set

When using the sendXXX utility methods of the sender template, one would get exceptions if only the destinationName (not the destination itself) had been set. This has now been fixed.

71264: Delay close of JMS vendor session until pending transaction is done

Fixed a bug where closing a JMS session would also close the underlying vendor session, leading to problematic rollback/commit.

71400: CoodinatorImp: improve logging

Improved logging of non-recoverable coordinators to help diagnose problems.

71748: Timer thread causes threading errors on MQSeries JMS

From now on, setting com.atomikos.icatch.threaded_2pc=false will also change the way the timeout mechanism behaves: active transactions will no longer be rolled back by the timeout thread, but rather set to rollbackOnly instead. Other transaction states are not affected.

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