These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.7.0

73086: Add checks for max length of uniqueResourceName and tm_unique_name

Improved checks for max length of the different names that form the Xid together.

73137: Disable threaded commits by default

Threaded commits are now disabled by default, since they cause too many issues with JDBC and JMS connectors.

33795: Decrease logging overhead

Optimized logging overhead for performance.

69638: IncomprehensibleException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: wrong state: ABORTING

Improved logging when this happens.

71079: MQ7 rollback problem: resource unavailable after the JMS session was closed

Fixed a bug where the XASession of the underlying JMS connector was closed too early.

71183: Fix HTML docs: javadoc not included in open source release

Added working javadoc references for the open source release.

72276: ActiveMQ durable topic subscriber issue

Fixed clientID issues with ActiveMQ (and other durable subscriber scenarios).

72277: Update getting started: 1.5 JDK required

Updated docs to reflect JDK 1.5 requirement.

72398: Log as INFO: "refreshed XAResource"

We now log this as INFO, not WARN - to avoid log pollution.

73007: Disallow reusing Statement after commit

Reusing JDBC Statement objects after commit leads to an undefined transaction context for the SQL that follows. This is a bug; for now it has been fixed by disallowing reuse across transaction boundaries, but if this turns out to be problematic then we will do something more sophisticated.

68913: Missing file in TransactionsEssentials distro

Added missing file.

69398: Package com.atomikos.icatch.system is missing in sources for distro

Added missing sources in TransactionsEssentials distribution.

69539: INFO logging written as DEBUG

Fixed a bug where INFO level comments were logged as DEBUG instead.

69587: OSGi jars missing in distro - recompile fails

Fixed recompilation problem in the TransactionsEssentials distribution.

69588: Build file in distro refers to missing test folder

Fixed obsolete reference to missing test folder in recompilation of the TransactionsEssentials distribution.

68723: 3.7.0M3 still missing source

TransactionsEssentials now includes the missing source code.

68213: Non-JTA use of JMS: log as INFO, not WARNING

You can now use our JMS connections without getting warnings whenever you disable JTA usage.

68437: Optimize dynamic proxy generation for performance

Changed proxy generation back to the 'old', pre-OSGi way due to performance problems. JDBC and JMS resources now have to be supplied as extension bundles to our transactions-osgi jar.

68472: Fix EOL characters for the .sh scripts in the demos

Fixed the demo scripts to work on UNIX systems.

68476: Check javadoc generation during release

The javadoc is now included in the ExtremeTransactions release (but not for TransactionsEssentials).

68479: Aggregated jar is missing

The transactions-essentials.jar has been replaced with the transactions-osgi.jar, and the latter is also our main OSGi bundle.

68533: Log warning if min/maxPoolSize not set?

We now log a warning message if the min/maxPoolSize is set to the default value (1) - in order to avoid performance problems.

68723: 3.7.0M2 missing source

TransactionsEssentials now includes the missing source code.

66922: JDBC testQuery: log warning if not set

We now log a clear warning message if the testQuery is not set. Setting it is highly recommended; a default value is unrealistic because of SQL dialects.

22198: Connection testing failure generates bad exception message

Improved the diagnostic message when this happens.

66052: Make TransactionManager implement UserTransaction for easier Tomcat JNDI config

All our TransactionManager implementation classes now also implement UserTransaction - this should make JNDI integration easier because we can now expose the TransactionManager instance under the UserTransaction lookup name.

66587: Excessive Memory Allocation and Performance Cost - StringBuffer.append()

Optimized logging for performance: we now only really construct the expensive DEBUG and INFO Strings when needed, i.e. if the log level is appropriate - cf

58830: Allow non-query SQL strings in testQuery

We now also allow non-query SQL statements in the testQuery property - cf

62889: JmxTransactionService - deregister MBeans on Shutdown

We now also deregister all MBeans created by the JmxTransactionService - cf

64546: NullPointerException on recovery

Improved logging of commit decisions to avoid NullPointerException instances on recovery - cf

67457: Improve handling of InterruptedException

We now handle InterruptedException instances according to the book - cf and

67951: NullPointerException in XAResourceTransaction when resource is not found on recovery

Improved dealing with unresolved resources during recovery; i.e., when a resource is not found because it has been removed between shutdown and restart - cf

68004: Improve exception chaining for javax.transaction Exception classes

We now include the underlying cause exceptions.

20005: Include WS-AT modules

WS-AT support (in the past available as JAX-RPC) has now been included for JAX-WS technology.

57937: Add support for HTTPS

HTTPS is now supported for the two-phase commit SOAP ports, provided that the underlying SOAP stack supports it. To enable this feature, set the startup property com.atomikos.icatch.https to true.

31997: Create simple demo app

A simple demo app is included for WS-AT over JAX-WS.

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