SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed, certainty and confidence. More than 9,700 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 209 countries trust SWIFT every day to exchange millions of standardised financial messages.

SWIFT’s role is two-fold. It provides the proprietary communications platform, products and services that allow banking customers to connect and exchange financial information securely and reliably. It also acts as the catalyst that brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to shape market practice, define standards and consider solutions to issues of mutual interest.

SWIFT enables its customers to automate and standardise financial transactions, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating inefficiencies from their operations. By using SWIFT customers can also create new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Atomikos transaction management technology supports and extends reliability of SWIFT transactions, handling the first and last mile of a transaction’s lifespan, making the endpoints of a SWIFT transaction just as reliable as the core SWIFT transaction.

While SWIFT ensures reliability when within a transaction, Atomikos can be a critical source of reliability within the endpoints of a SWIFT transaction or in any store and forward exchange.

Atomikos transaction management solutions are used by a number of financial services customers to ensure the reliability of SWIFT payment transactions, ensuring that in the event of database failure, transactions are never duplicated or lost.

I had undertaken a project for a client in the banking industry to develop a component for a new financial messaging interface. The scheme for this interface, intended for dispatching payments and confirmations over the SWIFT network, called for transacted connectivity between a database management system and a message broker. Atomikos' ExtremeTransactions provided the best-fit solution for this project from a cost and performance perspective. However, the most notable factor that I attribute to the success of this project was the quality of support, which was among the best I have ever encountered.

Transaction managers are among the primary weight-bearing components of distributed systems. They have a well-established history in technology, but companies like Atomikos are poised to reinvent them. The rise of Web services will bring forth new challenges to delivering ACID properties in increasingly mobile and decoupled conditions and I, for one, look forward to the continuing and future developments at Atomikos.

Edwin Babadaglian, Independent Software Developer

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Example Configuration of Atomikos working in a banking environment is available in download demos.

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