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The LogUtil application is a QA utility to inspect pending transactions in an existing logfile and to decode hex-encoded XIDs. It is mainly intended to correlate recovery-related information between the datasource / resource and the transaction logs, as well as provide a compact view on what's relevant in the transaction logs themselves (by filtering out all the terminated transaction information).

Filtering the transaction log file

Use the LogUtil application to filter a given transaction log file, like this:
java -jar transactions-logutil-<RELEASE-VERSION>.jar <path to logfile>

The benefit of doing this is that you will see only the active / pending transactions in the logfile.

Also, the XIDs will be in hexadecimal formatting (as they are usually shown inside the resource's admin tools). This makes it easier to correlate the transaction logs with the recovery transcript logs and the resource's internal administration tools.

Decoding hex-encoded XID instances

Alternatively, the LogUtil application can be used to decode a given XID from hexadecimal formatting to regular formatting:

java -jar transactions-logutil-<RELEASE-VERSION>.jar <XID in hex format>

This will show the global transaction ID and the branch qualifier as they were literally supplied by the transaction manager.

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