How XA can help you migrate databases…

The Problem

So you are using a DBMS from one vendor and want to migrate to a DBMS from another vendor. You need some time to migrate all DBMS access code to the new database platform - so how do you do this without a big-bang release after X months (almost a guarantee for failure)?

The Solution

If both DBMS support XA then the solution is relatively easy:

  • Setup the initial instance of the target DBMS
  • Change all DBMS updates to go to the two DBMS with XA transactions (so updates are guaranteed to happen on both instances during the migration)
  • Gradually migrate your applications to use only the target DBMS
  • When no accesses remain to the original DBMS, take out the dual writes with XA transactions


This works only if both DBMS support XA. Why complicate your life by selecting a storage technology without XA support? You will effectively lock yourself in because you know you won't be able to migrate away easily.

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