Really easy integration of Hazelcast with Atomikos JTA/XA functionality…

The Problem

You want to update your distributed cache, but only if you succeed in other operations like updating a DBMS or sending a message to a queue.

The Solution

Use our Hazelcast integration to update the cache, and the outcome will be automatically subject to commit / rollback of any JTA transactions in your application.

Code sample

import com.hazelcast.core.HazelcastInstance;
import com.hazelcast.core.TransactionalMap;
import com.hazelcast.instance.HazelcastInstanceFactory;
import com.hazelcast.transaction.TransactionContext;
import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.Transactional;
import javax.annotation.PostContruct;
import com.atomikos.hazelcast.AtomikosHazelcastInstanceFactory;

public class BlogPostDemoTest {

   private HazelcastInstance jtaAwareInstance; // this instance will make Hazelcast transactional operations part of JTA

   @PostConstruct public void init() {
      HazelcastInstance nativeInstance = HazelcastInstanceFactory.newHazelcastInstance(...); // create native instance
      jtaAwareInstance = AtomikosHazelcastInstanceFactory.createJtaAwareHazelcastInstance("hazelcast", nativeInstance);

   public void updateCacheInJta() {
      TransactionContext ctx = jtaAwareInstance.newTransactionContext(); // can be called multiple times inside the same JTA transaction
      final TransactionalMap<Object, Object> map = ctx.getMap("map");
      map.put("key", "value");


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