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Quick Update: Maven

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Our maven integration has not been the most fluent thing we ever did, but we now seem to have gained some traction in the right direction (thanks to community hints, some solid teamwork and hours of additional brain-storming). Here is a quick update on where we are:
  • Upload to maven central is working but not yet optimal (we're working on that).
  • Meanwhile, we're also re-evaluating our entire build environment to optimize for maven builds (i.e., switching from ant to maven entirely).
  • We're also restructuring our SVN repository so it has optimal support for our business model.

As you can see, we're not afraid to throw away anything in our quest to improve things smile Contrary to what I expected, going from ant to maven seems to simplify our build after all: maven seems to be maturing, and new team members tend to know maven better than ant.

All these changes have quite some impact on the architecture of our build ecosystem, so we can't just do them overnight. However, we would like to have them ready before we bring out the next major new release(s).

Thank you for your patience!

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