New website now live!
Our new website is now live!

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Our brand new website is now live…

If you're reading this post then that means that you're looking at our brand new website smile It took a while, but we finally got it ready and here it is!

If you have been following us then you will know that we don't change our site design all that often. However, the old site has had its best time: we needed to jump on the "flat design" train and we got some complaints about relevant information not being easy to find.

This new site should be an improvement because:

  • The design is more up-to-date (so it doesn't look like we're old style)
  • It's now easier to find relevant information
  • The forms have been simplified a lot for easier access to our resources
  • If you need support then it should be easier to get started
  • We're also experimenting with chat boxes (beta feature)

By the way, we now also allow blog comments (with minimal spam noise)...


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