We are asking for community input on the following: over time, our initialization mechanism (property file, system properties, properties supplied programmatically) has been polluted a bit and as a result the lookups are not always intuitive. We would like to improve this and are working on a new design proposed here. Let us know what you think!

Proposed new property lookup procedure when Atomikos starts:

1. default properties are looked up via a property file in the Atomikos jars (should always be found) 2. override with specific custom properties looked up in the jta.properties file in the classpath (like now) 3. if no jta.properties found: NO logging to System.err any more (so no need to disable that with system props either) 4. override with specific properties that are set programmatically on the UserTransactionService 5. resolve any placeholder properties (i.e., ant-style expansion of references to other props) 6. this yields the final properties to use for the init procedure

What do you think? Did we miss something important?


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