When using Tomcat and distributed transactions, there are 2 pitfalls to be aware of:

PITFALL 1: thread pooling:

A common pitfall concerns tomcat thread pool and pending transactions: Tomcat has a thread-pooling and thread-reuse feature that reuses threads for later HTTP requests. If you don't make sure to terminate transactions then some transactions will be reused for a later HTTP request - not something you would want.

To avoid this, make sure to not leave pending transactions after failed requests. Our professional subscription includes a filter that takes care of this for you - contact us if you would like that setup.

PITFALL 2: server-level installations:

By default, avoid Atomikos jars and jta.properties at the server's lib level since you will get into conflicts if you have more than one web application that needs transactions.

You can avoid this by keeping the Atomikos jars in the class loader scope of each individual web app.

Alternatively: customers of our professional subscription have access to our Tomcat integration module that configures Atomikos as the server-level JTA including JNDI bindings - contact us if you would like that setup.

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