Release notes for the 5.0.92 release…

181771: Add support for OpenTracing

For existing customers with a "Professional" subscription or higher: we've added module transactions-opentracing with support for tracing individual transaction activity. It contains wrapper DataSource / ConnectionFactory classes that trace JDBC/JMS, and there is a core event listener that traces two-phase commit duration.

IMPORTANT: this is still in beta so we welcome your feedback if you want to try it.

181603: Remoting support for Apache Dubbo

We've merged-in a recent contribution that enables transactions across Apache Dubbo RPC calls.

181759: Check if log level is DEBUG in com.atomikos.monitoring.logs.TransactionTraceMonitor

We now check to optimise performance (by avoiding logging overhead if DEBUG is not enabled).

181871: Connection pool grows beyond maxPoolSize under high load

We fixed a bug where the new pools (with concurrent validation) could grow beyond maxPoolSize.

181770: Remoting: fix double slash in Extent

Fixed a bug where remoting would generate URLs with a double slash. This worked fine in our tests, but some HTTP stacks have issues with it.

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