Release notes for the 5.0.93 release…

181817: Add support for Micrometer

We've added module transactions-micrometer to enable metering your applications. Licensed for professional customers only.

181941: BatchingMessageListenerContainer: reset batch size on rollback

When batching JMS receipt in one transaction, we already did reset the batch on MessageListener exceptions. We now also do this on any rollback.

182041: Add DEBUG log to BatchingMessageListenerContainer

We now log (in DEBUG) the current batch size so it's easier to verify that batching is being done for some receivers. The rest will be taken care of in 5.0.94.

181934: Camel message bridge example: fixed to use batching

Due to some Camel internal default configuration, this example did not yet use batching for receiving JMS messages. That has been fixed.

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