Release notes for 5.0.89

181331: add factory for BatchingMessageListenerContainer

Spring boot requires a factory for configuring message-driven containers, so we added one.

181330: check free disk space on writing checkpoints

Disk-full situations can be problematic so we now check regularly and log warnings when the transaction logs are stored on a disk that could go out of free space soon.

181328: log as FATAL when transaction log writes fail

Failing to write to the transaction log is typical for out-of-disk scenarios so we also log this as being fatal.

181322: add BatchingMessageDrivenContainer

Not everybody uses Spring, so we have improved our own messaged-driven container with the new implementation com.atomikos.jms.extra.BatchingMessageDrivenContainer in module transactions-jms.

Since performance features are exclusive to customers on a Professional subscription or higher, this is not for everyone.

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