Release notes for the 5.0.88

This release improves the transactions-remoting functionality so it can work even if you don't have a load balancer. Details are below…

181292: Improve documentation for remoting

Improved the page Configuring Remoting to avoid issues with session affinity.

181282: AtomikosRestPort: improve prepare request parsing

There was a bug where we did not check the URL set in com.atomikos.icatch.rest_port_url. This would make prepare fail.

181280: AtomikosRestPort: don't allow overwriting the startup property for the rest port URL

Fixed a bug where the preset com.atomikos.icatch.rest_port_url would be overwritten by our interceptor.

181281: Improved exception handler in the JAX-RS demo

The client did not handle rollback exceptions well, which would give confusing error messages.

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