Release notes for the 5.0.82 release…

179089: JtaUnawareThreadLocalConnection: don't call rollback on close if in autoCommit mode

Fixed a bug in the new ignoreJtaTransactions mode: calling rollback is not allowed if the connection is used in autoCommit mode.

179091: Log event listeners found at startup

We added logging of all event listeners found at startup - so it is easier to diagnose loading issues.

178740: TransactionPreparingEvent not being published

We fixed a bug that prevented this important monitoring event from being published.

178738: SystemHealthMonitor bug: timeout value (seconds) is used as millis

A wrong interpretation of seconds caused the monitoring to be a bit verbose. We fixed this.

179087: LogCloud: ensure ignoreJtaTransactions is set

Added extra safety setting for the LogCloud - so we are absolutely certain to use regular JDBC transactions for logging.

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