Release notes for the 4.0.78 release…

176500: Race condition in AtomikosNonXADataSourceBean

Fixed a race condition where non-xa connections could be borrowed by 2 concurrent threads under high load, leading to errors in the log like this:

java.sql.SQLException: Can't call commit when autocommit=true

176184: CleanupFilter: also log before and after request information

For our Tomcat integration we now also log a bit more: before and after each request.

176289: Tomcat thread reuse: also cleanup Spring's ThreadLocal state

In module transactions-spring, we have added two new filters:

  • com.atomikos.spring.CleanupPendingThreadLocalStateFilter and
  • com.atomikos.spring.CleanupPendingTransactionContextFilter

These can be used to cleanup pending Spring state. Normally this is done by Spring's JtaTransactionManager, but in case of pending transactions on a Tomcat request thread, the Spring transaction cleanup may not happen. In those cases, you need these filters or you will see weird warnings like these:

WARNING: Attempt to use connection after it was closed.

Adding these filters should prevent that.

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