The first bug fix release for the new 5.0

176386: Improve shutdown

We improved the wait on shutdown to pause until there is no real need for recovery any more.

176398: RecoveryLogImp: refine foreign in-doubt lookup to include sub transactions with foreign superior

This is pretty much a technical issue required to make recovery work correctly for the new remoting support for transactions that span multiple microservices.

176396: Bug in TransactionServiceImp: imported transactions do not set the foreign recoveryDomainName

Fixed a bug where the wrong recovery domain was stored for imported transactions.

176395: Refine recovery: never refuse COMMITTING record for foreign IN_DOUBT

Imported ("foreign") transactions should always store the COMMITTING record as soon as it is know.

176394: Recovery: refine meaning of success

The API javadoc spec has been clarified to refine the meaning of success on recovery.

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