Release notes for 4.0.72…

172665: Prepare failure: clarify error log even more

Experience has shown that failures during prepare can result in confusing exception messages. We've tried to improve this even more.

172436: JDBC/JMS: clarify message if pooled connection cannot be gotten

Per customer request, we improved the error message if no connection could be gotten from the pool in both JMS and JDBC: instead of Failed to grow the connection pool it now says Failed to create a connection.


Fixed a bug where transactions were not cleaned up after timeout - thereby possibly causing a memory leak in the core.

173314: Log number of open contexts in a pooled connection

Added (trace-level) logging to show the number of open contexts for a pooled connection when the pool checks its availability.

173315: JMS createConnection(userName, password): don't log warning

We no longer log a warning when trying to create a new connection with a custom userName and password. This is because some frameworks depend on this method, which causes a lot of noise in the logs. Instead, we now log this in debug level.

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