Yet more performance improvements

170331: Add connectionValidationInterval so JDBC connection validation will be repeated every X milliseconds

You can now set the interval after which JDBC connection validation should be repeated, so users can have an application-specific impact on performance.

170195: Tomcat JNDI integration: allow setting XADataSource via JNDI

Similar to JMS, we added the capability to specify the XADataSource as a JNDI reference in Tomcat.

170194: Tomcat JNDI integration: allow setting vendor XA connection factory via className

Similar to JDBC, we now also allow specifying the XA vendor settings via the class name (instead of only the JNDI reference).

164168: ConnectionPool's onXPooledConnectionTerminated method: publish event out of synchronised block

Another incremental performance optimisation to maximise performance.

Warning: Known Issues With REST Demos

Some of the REST demos don't work in this release - this will be fixed in an upcoming release. This will only affect development projects that are testing REST transactions.

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