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Release notes for ExtremeTransactions 4.0.63…

166361: Updated README for REST transactions

Clarified with missing instructions for seamless testing of the demo.

166386: Setting com.atomikos.icatch.max_timeout=0 means unlimited

Improved the new recovery to interpret 0 as unlimited, and we now log a warning if this happens with XA.

166601: Allow delegating JNDI lookups to underlying platform implementation

We've improved our transactions-jndi-provider module: if you use our com.atomikos.jndi.AtomikosContextFactory as the initial context factory then you can delegate unbound lookups to a third-party provider specified as "env."-prefixed properties in the file.

For instance: = … would set the third-party context implementation to delegate to.

166271: LogCloud: conflict between TCC and XA recovery

When deploying the LogCloud there is a conflict between TCC and XA mode - mostly due to timeouts during recovery. We've now made sure that there is better separation to avoid issues with this: either the subsystem starts in XA mode (default) or in TCC mode (if the TCC classes are found on the classpath).

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