Release notes for ExtremeTransactions 4.0.62

166145: LogCloudRmiServer: lookup recovery delay in config properties

This class used to take a separate parameter on the command line - thereby hiding the value specified in the file. This has been fixed.

166164: Bug in ACID/REST demo

Fixed a bug in the demo: the inventory should not return "Accepted" status for updates.

166167: ACID/REST: added client-side checks to prevent commit when there are outstanding remote calls

It should not be allowed to have a commit when some calls are still pending - since the commit scope will not be well-defined in that case. We now have a check for that.

166171: TransactionAwareRestContainerFilter: timeout must be relative to System time

Fixed a bug where the timeout was confused with the expiration date/time in the request header of incoming requests. This would lead to excessive timeouts.

166211: ACID/REST: container (server-side) filter should not add participant header on rollback

For extra safety, we've improved the filter to omit any headers in case of server-side rollback. This way, the client transaction manager cannot get confused and still attempt commit.

Because of the previous case (166211), the client should not commit a transaction where there is no participant for the remote work. Otherwise, the transaction commit scope would be undefined.

165415: ACID/REST: allow exporting any local JTA transaction

We've improved the examples and added support for both JAX-RS and Spring REST/MVC - so you can build microservices with your favourite toolbox.

165427: ACID/REST: add logging so we can see what happens

We've improved logging in the REST module - so it's easier to see what happens.

165799: New datasource property concurrentConnectionValidation: also log on init

It seems we did not log this new property value on init yet. This has now been fixed.

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