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157119: Log stack trace of thread that leads to transaction timeout

Improved existing fix with respect to logging frequency: we now only log stack traces once, instead of on every timer alert after a timeout happens. This reduces logging volumes quite a bit.

157685: Improve init logic upon exceptions in new recovery

Init-ing datasources or connection factories with an unavailable backend would lead to startup failures in some cases; this has now been fixed.

156814: Add a LogCloud REST API so 3rd parties can reuse the recovery module

For those who want do do their own "transaction management" but delegate recovery to Atomikos: we've opened up the LogCloud with a REST API. See the relevant examples for more information.

157787: TCC/REST: create fat jar so the coordinator service is easy to launch

It is now easier than ever to start a coordinator service for your TCC transactions: just launch java -jar transactions-tcc-rest.jar 8080 (or replace 8080 by whatever port you want to use).

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